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Our Services

Our services are vital for organisations going through change, teams with new players or individuals facing unique challenges.

Or perhaps you are an entrepreneur who realises that an outside coach or mentor can mean the difference between stagnation or growth to the next level.

Among the many facets of our experience, we are specialists in Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis, Leadership at Work, and Communication Skills.

Core Beliefs

At VivePoint, our core belief is that growth means continual change and perpetual improvement, or stagnation results. Doing business is not just about the revenues, systems, and commercial issues; it's a balance between these and leadership, self-awareness, team dynamics and personal communication skills.

With this balance, change can happen effectively and even more importantly, you can assert your influence to successfully meet your change moments (or VivePoints) personally or as part of a team.

VivePoint is a powerful and effective resource that empowers individuals to improve performance and unlocks your personal potential to succeed.

We look at who you are and who you wish to be, not just what you do in your professional role.

We’ll dig deep to understand where you are, where you want to go and the right path to get you there.


Facilitating Progress

VivePoint also works with organisations to facilitate progress by helping you manage personal goals or team dynamics more effectively to turn your potential talent into peak performers.

Whether you work in emerging markets or developed economies, in the corporate sector or social enterprise, you will need inspirational leaders with the best interpersonal skills to energise a team and catapult you to reach your full potential.