Executive Coaching and Mentoring

What is the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring?

Coaching is focused on an organisation's key assets - its people – both as individuals and as team members. A coach works with you, using your own agenda to enable you to break through to new thinking. The coach uses specialist techniques to unleash your internal potential and helps you identify your ‘toolbox’ to better tackle the world. Unlike training or mentoring, which both teach people ‘how to do things better’, coaching supports the process of finding your own solution. Most senior professionals in business today know the value of their coach, and wouldn’t be able to negotiate the "bumps in the road" so skillfully without them.

Mentoring is external guidance and advice from a senior level source, usually with more “stripes” in a similar sector. A mentor suggests how you hone your business skills and performance, offers solutions and gives analysis and input on how to improve your business acumen. A mentor will bring their own substantial career track record and contact book to the table and will use them to confer with clients when discussing good business strategy and practice.

Some VivePoint clients want a blend of coaching and mentoring. In our early discussions we will evaluate this with you to determine exactly what you want and need. Sometimes this is a three-way relationship, sponsored by your organisation. Executive Coaching is of one the key investments that many organisations are now making in these tough economic times. Coaching has the power to spark profound changes at every level, by working with the client's agenda for progress and helping organisations and individuals achieve business objectives through greater empowerment and clarity of strategic direction.

Coached professionals select and manage talent better, make decisions with greater clarity, learn to spot upcoming challenges and navigate them expertly and effectively - so you see results in a more effective team as well as on the bottom line.

Like sports players and musicians, professionally coached people develop, communicate and act collaboratively to be more powerful individually. In coaching we find new ways to look at tough situations, to innovate and to think at a higher level. The far-reaching impact of coaching can have an immediate, transformational effect on people, in particular on quality of thinking and conversations, which others in the team can see and feel, resulting in greater motivation to succeed.

VivePoint offers a powerful coaching proposition, which will ignite the potential of your leaders to reach targets, work efficiently with teams and illuminate the way to success. With the combination of practical expertise our coaches bring from senior roles in business, and business coaching experience and accreditation, you'll get coaching at its best, proven by the positive changes in yourself and those around you. We believe good strategic thinking needs time and discussion, so we will assist you in addressing any barriers that are keeping you from your goals. If you have a strong ambition to pave the way to senior leadership, you'll recognise that most people who succeed have a mentor or coach as an objective advisor to help them get there.

Transactional Analysis was originated by a Canadian psychiatrist in the late 1950s as a theory of inter-personal communication, growth and change and has since become globally recognised in organisational development. As an approach, it is highly applicable in the coaching process as a tool for understanding individuals, communication and relationships with others in both business and private contexts. It offers a picture of how people are structured psychologically as well as tools for understanding everyday interaction between people, organisations and cultures.

Spark Your Imagination

  • Do you lack focus and perspective?
  • Is it hard to see a clear path ahead?
  • Do you want to expand your career but don't have a compass yet?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you trying to find better work-life balance and still achieve?
  • Do you want to be challenged?


Ignite Your Potential

What Will You Get out of a Coaching Investment?

  • Achieve clarity of focus and objectives
  • Navigate challenges more effectively
  • Improve relationships with your team and co-workers
  • Accelerate your career progression
  • Create a more valuable "you" within your organisation
  • Achieve success more consistently
  • Create a healthy balance between work and personal life
  • Improve your confidence