Navigating Transition

Are You A Senior Executive Facing Major Change?

Transition Coaching is essential for those who want to steer through times of change and need to reinvigorate their next life stage. With new tools, you can navigate your roadblocks to find a clear map for the future.

We will work with you through issues arising from changes in location, status, career shifts, work-life balance and other transitions.

Similarly, if you’ve ever asked one of the following questions, this coaching process could be for you.

  • How do I balance work and personal life?
  • How do I keep my ambition high, but focus on other areas of life importance?
  • How can I assess what are the most important factors in considering career change?
  • I’ve been out of the market for a while or I want a complete change - where do I start?
  • Success Criteria

    This process is designed to help you create a defined and prioritised set of criteria by which to gauge opportunities and create satisfaction in your career and business endeavours. By developing this criteria independent of your current situation, you will increase the likelihood of creating objective criteria upon which to base future decisions. This customised process will assist you in integrating your personal values, skills, life purpose, desired legacy, compensation and lifestyle needs into a powerful decision-making tool and guide. Even those who have used multiple career assessment tools find this to be a profound clarifier of their life direction.

    Satisfaction Gauge

    This gauge provides one of the many ways to utilise the information gathered in the Success Criteria work. The Satisfaction Gauge helps you to identify patterns in choosing work and business opportunities. It serves as a snapshot of your overall career satisfaction, and helps to surface areas for future focus in our coaching.

    Curriculum Vitae & Cover Letter Development

    An output of this process is to produce an interview-winning CV, but also help you internalise and articulate your unique value proposition to potential employers. You will hone your message in tightly written document that is future-focused and accomplishment oriented. Your resume and cover letter will stand out from the stack and invite dialogue and interest.

    Digital Calling Cards – Your Most Important Branding Tool

    For most people changing jobs, their early exposure to those who have the power to hire is via digital calling cards: Linked In, Xing, Twitter, Viadeo and many others on-line. You’ll get a critique on two public digital calling cards (any public site or your own website), including input on how to make your profile convey the right impression; advice on style, body language and how these simple things can communicate as you intend – for example, your photo style alone can be stopping your progression. We’ll review your personal brand description, and how you order and present your skills and personal image.

    The Igniting Career Change process gives all–important self-awareness to the seasoned, experienced person - who needs an objective, senior professional source to get that kind of essential and candid input.

    The approach can be customised to your personal circumstances and goals.

    Spark Your Imagination

    • Is your company stuck in a rut, or confronting a change process?
    • What is the greatest challenge facing you in this change?
    • How will you know you have successfully made the required changes?
    • If you could change one thing in your leadership team, what would it be and how would you change it?
    • Are historical behavioural patterns hindering your growth?