Talent Acquisition

At VivePoint, expert executive search for clients is a vital part of what we do, but finding right the person for the job is only halfway towards the goal. Ensuring the right leader fits an organisational culture and leadership style requires serious assessment of both job scope and corporate culture.

VivePoint uses sophisticated digital sleuthing to find and retain world-class talent – people who are the best fit with your company’s culture and goals. We utilise best practice in finding and securing the best talent, onboarding in a timely, cost effective manner, with the level of confidentiality you require. We’ll position your search with a digital footprint and pro-active mining from your sector and wider pools of talent.

Armed with these insights, VivePoint will use its extensive networks, internet strategies, and evaluation tools to screen and put forward the best-fit candidates. VivePoint will also coach that person and the full team to work effectively together as a harmonious ensemble or a full symphony. In our extensive recruitment and hiring experience, too much time and money is spent searching for great talent while very little work is done with team integration.

Not only will we find the best candidates for you, we'll assist you in integrating them into your organisation in a process agreed by you, that is comfortable for your team and assures minimised risk and costs of re-hiring. We offer strategic guidance for you and your business. We'll work with you to develop best practices in Talent Acquisition and Management. We've built numerous global organisations and have succeeded in defining both internal and external recruitment processes to insure best-in-class hires across multi-cultural, diverse, cross-sectoral teams.

Spark Your Imagination

  • Is recruiting time slowing down your business progress?
  • Are you finding the right leaders in the emerging markets?
  • Are you wasting time and money on critical rehires?
  • Is your attrition rate high, but you’re not sure why?
  • Do you have the time, team and processes to integrate new staff quickly and effectively?


Jill Bausch leads the Talent Acquisition division of the business.

Email: jbausch@vivepoint.com