What we do

Together we map a path to unlock your potential and if you need it, that of your team.

We know your situation is unique, but one thing we're sure of, you'll need to look not only at what you do, but also who you are, to ensure your team out-performs your strongest competitors. Our network of advisors have held senior roles in the corporate and the public sectors, academia and small and medium enterprises, building effective cross-cultural teams in developed and emerging markets. We advise leaders and teams how to stimulate growth in changing organisations and to implement strategies to draw out the best potential of people across cultures. Wherever we work, it’s on your agenda, not ours. And if you need just one of our services, that’s what you get.

How does VivePoint work?

We specifically analyse your goals and what you or your staff want to achieve. We use a systematic process of analysis and then create a customised plan for every client, whether that is a single individual or a full organisational team. Once we understand your goals we'll bring in new tools for sourcing the best people, team motivation or coaching and mentoring to help you achieve your vision. Have a look at what our clients say in our testimonials.

VivePoint HQ is in the UK but we work with clients across the globe. We keep it simple so that our clients have a single liaison contact, a consistent management and financial structure and precise reporting of all our activities.

We know that a customised approach is needed to succeed and that’s why we base much of our coaching and strategic advice on the principles of Emotional Intelligence, using the EQ-i 2.0 Model for Individuals and the EQ 360 for teams. Almost every person can improve their leadership and management skills, self-awareness, collaboration and relationships through higher emotional intelligence, and it shows on the bottom line. Studies clearly show that EQ - emotional intelligence - is a far greater indicator of success both individually and in a team, than IQ intellectual quotient or intellectual ability. We use this tool to help convert the ‘smartest’ into the ‘best.’

VivePoint will coach your best people to be even better. And, we'll help you be leaders who know the market, and crucially, can connect with the communities in which you do business. Your business needs to be sustainable and VivePoint will help you get there.

Motivational and Keynote Speaking

Both Jill and Pippa are accomplished speakers, delivering content described by their audiences as ‘life- changing thinking’, ‘inspirational’, and ‘thought provoking as well as entertaining’.

Skilled at connecting with diverse audiences, they can be retained for keynote presentations on subjects such as Gender Diversity, Women at Work, Leadership, Communication Skills, Self-Awareness, Team Dynamics and many other topics that motivate thought and leadership behaviours.

Spark Your Imagination

  • How can I be an inspiration to others?
  • How do I find, retain and nurture the best talent?
  • How can I effectively realise my career potential?
  • How can I jumpstart my new career?
  • How can we contribute to organisational growth during major change?
  • How do I deal with uncertainty more effectively?


Unlock your Potential

"So many things make Jill unique as a coach. How do I adequately express Jill's unbelievable communication skills, her incredible abilities to put diverse people at ease, help them focus, and share her dynamic, entrepreneurial and optimistic leadership?"

Managing Director, German Health Management Organisation

"Jill Bausch is a highly knowledgeable, intelligent and strategic thinker who uses a very friendly, empathetic and non-threatening style that enables her to facilitate achievement. Jill has enhanced our organisational expansion dramatically through her coaching and mentoring skills."

President & CEO, Washington DC-based Communications Agency

"Pippa is a superb strategic thinker, understands how to develop strong relationships at all levels and is adept at reading and managing a diverse group of personalities to maximise their potential."

President and CEO, International Hotel Company


"Pippa identifies people’s strengths quickly and goes to great lengths to instill confidence while building on skills and developing people. She never thinks of weaknesses, only potential."

Managing Director of a public relations consultancy

"I knew I didn't want business advice -- my entrepreneurial instinct has served me well for 30 years. But I could never get the work-life balance issue worked out to my satisfaction. Working less made me feel unproductive, working too much made my family unhappy. Jill had subtle but remarkable influence on helping me understand how to work in a much more healthy, productive way. It doesn't mean I have to work less; I just work better at everything."

Independent Global Entrepreneur

"More than 20 years ago I hired Pippa, but she mentored me. She has guided and supported, always with compassion, true interest, humour and heart. Her special way of devoting herself to understanding all the complexities of a person, their needs, capabilities and limitations is rare"

Director of Marketing, InterContinental Hotels


"Pippa’s ability both to speak knowledgeably about business and how to maximise a situation from every angle is rare. Her effortless ability to share her insight and experience with all those who work with her, make her so compelling as a mentor and coach. "

CEO, International Development Organisation

"Jill is crystal clear about pursuing outcomes. She is persuasive with an outstanding skill of judging people and knowing the best way to unlock people's potential. She has always been an excellent teacher, team leader and mentor."

Advisor to British & U.S. Governments

"Without Jill Bausch's help in finding the compass for my career and my team management ability, I would not have achieved all I have. When I was stuck with my own growth or a specific challenge with my team, Jill's empathetic yet challenging approach coached and encouraged me to find the best way through. My investment was priceless."

CEO, Global Hospitality Corporation


"Pippa truly embodies the concept that surrounding yourself with brilliant people is a privilege of the wise and not a threat. Someone naturally very nurturing, she knows how to get the best from a team, one person at a time, recognizing the essential strength in each along the way."

Director, UK banking group

"She instills confidence and makes staff want to give more than their best and is a brilliant motivator. Pippa also recognises that hard work should be rewarded and a sense of fun and achievement is essential for everyone to reap those rewards."

HR director