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Jill Bausch

Jill Bausch

Jill Bausch is Director and co-founder of VivePoint and a senior level advisor in Talent Management, working across cultures and continents at all organisational levels. She works with high-calibre executives and is a specialist in Social Impact, creating high performance teams and advising on organisational structures.

A dual national of the UK & the USA, Jill is a certified Senior Executive Coach and the former Chief Executive of Futures Group Europe, a professor of behaviour-change economics, and a specialist in behaviour change and economic empowerment strategies.

She has held international senior talent management, marketing and branding roles in North America and Europe and has managed, trained and coached high-performing executives worldwide in operational and management roles.

She is a senior level strategist to clients spanning the corporate, public and academic sectors, working across cultures in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. In addition to her talent advisory, facilitation and coaching work, she was Lead Practitioner, Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver, USA and is currently Social Impact Advisor to London Business School, UK, a Business Mentor with the Princes Trust, UK, and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, Barefoot College International, working with rural women to improve lives in Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands.

In addition to holding her MSc in Population and International Development from the London School of Economics, Jill is a certified Practitioner in Executive Coaching awarded by the Academy of Executive Coaching, London and is certified in the psychometric instruments Hogan Personality Profiling, EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-360, which measure emotional intelligence and leadership skills pertinent to the workplace.

Pippa Isbell

Jill Bausch

Pippa Isbell is a Director and co-founder of VivePoint whose focus is working with people to find solutions to the problems they are facing in their jobs and businesses, so that they can do their very best work and fully contribute to the success of their organisation.

She believes that coaching is about achieving sustainable change. Business people sometimes feel overwhelmed by the scale of the task they face. Leadership can be a lonely place and often the relationship with a coach is one of the few situations where leaders can let their guard down and explore their concerns and fears. Her clients want concrete results from coaching in the form of solutions or action plans. Coaching gives them time for reflection to access what they already know, enhanced by supportive challenge to achieve deeper understanding.

Pippa has extensive business experience and has served at CEO and Board level in public and private companies. She has worked in international organisations, directing teams in different countries and founded, built and sold her own business.

Pippa is a Trustee of the Oxford Hospitals Charity and also of Sportability, a national charity providing sporting days out for people with paralysis. She is a Governor of Frank Wise School, a multiple ‘Outstanding’ community special school.

A qualified trainer, she has an Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching awarded by the Academy of Executive Coaching. She is certified to implement the leadership development and coaching tools EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360, which focus on Emotional Intelligence at work and has a specialist interest in Transactional Analysis. She is passionate about developing women in business and encouraging men to be agents for change in the drive for equality in the workplace.

Unlock your Potential

"So many things make Jill unique as a coach. How do I adequately express Jill's unbelievable communication skills, her incredible abilities to put diverse people at ease, help them focus, and share her dynamic, entrepreneurial and optimistic leadership?"

Managing Director, German Health Management Organisation

"Jill Bausch is a highly knowledgeable, intelligent and strategic thinker who uses a very friendly, empathetic and non-threatening style that enables her to facilitate achievement. Jill has enhanced our organisational expansion dramatically through her coaching and mentoring skills."

President & CEO, Washington DC-based Communications Agency

"Pippa is a superb strategic thinker, understands how to develop strong relationships at all levels and is adept at reading and managing a diverse group of personalities to maximise their potential."

President and CEO, International Hotel Company


"Pippa identifies people’s strengths quickly and goes to great lengths to instill confidence while building on skills and developing people. She never thinks of weaknesses, only potential."

Managing Director of a public relations consultancy

"I knew I didn't want business advice -- my entrepreneurial instinct has served me well for 30 years. But I could never get the work-life balance issue worked out to my satisfaction. Working less made me feel unproductive, working too much made my family unhappy. Jill had subtle but remarkable influence on helping me understand how to work in a much more healthy, productive way. It doesn't mean I have to work less; I just work better at everything."

Independent Global Entrepreneur

"More than 20 years ago I hired Pippa, but she mentored me. She has guided and supported, always with compassion, true interest, humour and heart. Her special way of devoting herself to understanding all the complexities of a person, their needs, capabilities and limitations is rare"

Director of Marketing, InterContinental Hotels


"Pippa’s ability both to speak knowledgeably about business and how to maximise a situation from every angle is rare. Her effortless ability to share her insight and experience with all those who work with her, make her so compelling as a mentor and coach. "

CEO, International Development Organisation

"Jill is crystal clear about pursuing outcomes. She is persuasive with an outstanding skill of judging people and knowing the best way to unlock people's potential. She has always been an excellent teacher, team leader and mentor."

Advisor to British & U.S. Governments

"Without Jill Bausch's help in finding the compass for my career and my team management ability, I would not have achieved all I have. When I was stuck with my own growth or a specific challenge with my team, Jill's empathetic yet challenging approach coached and encouraged me to find the best way through. My investment was priceless."

CEO, Global Hospitality Corporation


"Pippa truly embodies the concept that surrounding yourself with brilliant people is a privilege of the wise and not a threat. Someone naturally very nurturing, she knows how to get the best from a team, one person at a time, recognizing the essential strength in each along the way."

Director, UK banking group

"She instills confidence and makes staff want to give more than their best and is a brilliant motivator. Pippa also recognises that hard work should be rewarded and a sense of fun and achievement is essential for everyone to reap those rewards."

HR director


"The past few months have been a major period of change in my career – and change for the better, directly as a result of Pippa’s help and methods. She is a huge asset to the Group"

On-line Editor

"Pippa is very direct and very honest and I really appreciate that. It has made a big difference to me. Since the very first session I have behaved differently with my direct reports and the situation has changed for the better as a result."

Senior Manager, Research Centre


Inspire Your Future

"I always start with the assumption that each and every person has all the abilities they need to succeed. Usually finding the driver in them that allows them to access their talent fully opens new worlds. Finding this compass to guide others and helping them break through to the next level is a powerful motivation for me."

Jill Bausch

“In today’s pressurised business environment, time to think is scarce but needed more than ever. Many people I work with are so driven by day to day process and deadlines that they are rarely able to step back, to consider, analyse and reflect. My passion, through coaching and training, is to help them create thinking space, which enables them to give their best performance and achieve their career and business goals.”

Pippa Isbell