Women in Leadership

The executive landscape is changing – not only by law, but because these changes make good businesses even better. Governments and business leaders throughout the world are working to harness the economic potential of women throughout the career journey and into the Boardroom.

Research shows that boards with gender balance show dramatically improved figures on the bottom line. Boards with mixed gender contributions have a better handle on the business. Gender balanced boards represent the buying market better than male–only boards, making them more in touch with customer preferences. What does this mean for you? To raise your profit margins or to comply with the law, you'll need to seek and coach the most competent women for your management team, particularly if you're serious about growing, selling and succeeding in business.

At VivePoint, we believe in the power of all people and we recognise the special capabilities women bring to the table. We have exceptional experience in sourcing, coaching, mentoring and training women from diverse backgrounds for senior roles. We work with them to bring success to business in corporate and emerging market environments, so that their contribution can be seen where it is needed – in more effective teams and on the bottom line.

Whether you are a woman preparing for senior leadership, recognising and wanting to drive your ambition or a manager responsible for developing women in your business, VivePoint can help you..

Spark Your Imagination

  • Is your organisation imbalanced in gender diversity at the management level?
  • Could you be more inspirational as a person?
  • Could you reach higher with the help of a coach?
  • Do you need an objective mentor to guide and assist you?


Ignite Your Potential

Why Invest in Senior Women Leaders?

  • Strengthen your own organisational capabilities to improve business
  • Broaden the horizons of managers throughout the organisation
  • Increase focus on skills at which women are proven to excel
  • Create role models for future women leaders and other business partners
  • Inspire your daughters to achieve!